#55 – Should We Fear Artificial Intelligence?: The Internet Of Things, Data Marketing, Machine Learning & World Domination With Magnus Unemyr

Artificial intelligence (AI) and it’s role in our future world is a topic that is in the forefront of many futurist’s minds as well as the subject matter for this week’s episode!

Mike speaks with Magnus Unemyr, a marketing automation & artificial intelligence consultant, author and speaker based in Sweden, who has given talks around the world on software development and digital marketing.

In this chat, Mike asks Magnus a variety of questions, including what AI is currently being used for and how “intelligent” it is at the moment, how he got involved with AI & consulting, which countries are leading in AI, some of the problems that will arise as AI becomes more prevalent in business use (including the legal & ethical implications), what the “Internet-of-things” refers to, as well as Amazon’s potential plans for world domination, how Magnus stays motivated, his methods when it comes to writing, if he would want to live forever and so much more!

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Last week, Mike spoke with Heather Vickery, a life coach and the host & creator of The Brave Files podcast, discussing her line of work, her podcast and a major self-realisation – this chat is full to the brim with great conversation & a menagerie of topics including what “being brave” actually is and how it’s different from being fearless, how Heather became a success coach, how we should act towards one-another, the many ways Heather’s self-realisation of her sexuality changed her life and many other topics!

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